Barbie Flowers Shop

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      • 1 Ster2 Sterren3 Sterren4 Sterren5 Sterren6 Sterren7 Sterren8 Sterren9 Sterren10 Sterren (2 stemmen, gemiddelde: 3 van de 10)
    • Aantal keer gespeeld:
      • 1.084
    • Beschrijving:
      • Deliver all flowers requested by each barbie girl before time expire.

        As any manager you want that your business to grow and succeed. In this game with barbie girls, you are a manager of a flower shop.
        You objective is to sell as many flowers you can as quick as possible and collect each money left by barbie girls.
        Each girl, will ask you for a different flowers combination and ticket where a girls will leave a message.
        You should put in the flower vase all the flowers requested.

        Good Luck!
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